Chauncey Live

The no-code platform for you to easily connect Unreal Engine applications to web controls and real-time data without worrying about the infrastructure.

Channel editor for shaping and organizing your data

The core of the Chauncey workflow, the Channel editor enables you to shape how data and events should be routed to your applications.

  • Quick and easy to use no code editing workflow.
  • Primitive variable types as provided in UE
  • Export your Channel List as plugins for UE or JS

Unreal Engine plugin provides seamless integration

Connect Chauncey to Unreal Engine projects in minutes, not days.

  • Authenticate and access Chauncey from within Unreal
  • Click and drag networking using blueprints
  • Iterative workflow makes updates quick and easy

Debug to control and visualize your experiences data

Use our auto-generated UI and Event log to instantly control your experiences from the web. Simple state and data changes have never been easier.

  • Remotely control Unreal from web mobile or tablet devices
  • Event Log for visualizing the data being sent and received
  • Embed web controls over pixel streamed applications

Features that will supercharge your realtime experiences

Web Remote Control

Control Unreal Engine from a companion remote control web, mobile or tablet Interface. Low latency connection from managed web-socket connections with automatic fallback means Channels works anywhere.

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Control multiple clients at the same time creating a collaborative workflow in a live environment. Any properties that are modified in one client will have their changes propagated through the web server to all the other clients.

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Centralized Data

Chauncey platform easily brings in data from multiple sources and flexibly combines everything together.


Presence represents users movements and actions inside the room. People in the room are able to see what others are doing in real-time for multiplayer like experiences.

Unreal Integration

Leverage our Unreal Engine plugin to make seamless connections between your channels and your UE project's properties. Networking your Unreal applications has never been easier.

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Open API / SDK

Use our SDK to create your own custom user interfaces, route external data sources or media.

Epic Megagrant
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"We are extremely proud to announce that Chauncey Technologies has been awarded a grant from Epic Games as part of their Epic MegaGrants program. We would like to thank Epic Games for this opportunity. The Epic Games team has been incredibly supportive and these funds will go directly into making Chauncey Live the best it can be."
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